Some Facts to Help You Understand the Importance of Booking Termite Control Services When Your Home Is Infested

Termites are a significant threat upon entering residential and commercial properties, although they are quite useful in nature, due to the fact that they recycle dead plant material. They are the most powerful “home wrecking tool”, so you need some professional help in order to eliminate them. This is why today we will list a few facts about termites, to support our claims that termite control is one of the most useful and needed services for homeowners around Parma OH.

Termite controlTermites cause an estimated $5 billion in property damage a year, in the United States alone! Unfortunately, termite damage is commonly not covered by home insurance companies.
The amount of wood, consumed by the average colony per day is about 5 grams. This means that for about 2 years a colony can consume up to 8 lbs.
The queen termite is an egg laying machine. She can live more than 25 years and produce up to 1,000 eggs a day, or more than 9 million eggs in her lifetime. That’s 30 colonies from one queen. In fact, only one colony is enough to destroy a single home.

Here are our tips to help you protect your home from their dangerous infestation:
1. Remove debris from against the home – Overgrown plants, trash, firewood, mulch near or against your home provide food, moisture, and concealment for termites.
2. Close up foundation cracks – They are a great access point for termites to your home.
3. Fix leaking downpipes – Leaking downpipes offer conditions conducive to termite infestations.
4. Fix leaking roof tiles – Broken roof tiles allow moisture into your home and termites love moisture.
5. Keep garden mulch away from the foundations – Mulch is oftentimes made of wood and does its job by maintaining your garden’s moisture  - two of a termite’s favorite things.

For more tips and recommendations, call the termite control team of Rext Exterminators, at (216) 713-9079. We will be happy to help you get rid of termites and other types of domestic pests.

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